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一、About us:
Established in June,2001, Loly (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is specialized and systematized in new-high technology advertising equipments, integrating with design, development, production, sales and service. Having its own brand "TAIMES" in May,2005, it enjoys a various product catalog: TAIMES full-serial advertising solvent printer, TAIMES eco-solvent environmentally-friendly printer, TAIMES water-based environmentally-friendly printer, TAIMES UV environmentally-friendly printer, TAIMES environmentally-friendly textile printer,TAIMES solvent ink and related consumables.
Our products and service cover advertisement signs, furniture, building materials, textile printing and other industries.It has kept closely following the development trend in the field of new-high tech advertising equipments in the world, devoting itself into promoting Chinese advertising equipments and Chinese brand to the international markets. Besides, it has succeeded in introducing the latest advertising equipments, technology and consumables to each customer, both new and old, domestic and international without any delay.

      peaking of the deep meaning of its brand "TAIMES", it can be divided into 2 parts: A + TIMES(A is the first letter of ADVANCE,means promote and develop), delivering its principle of keeping advanced with times! The red color show our challenges of passion.

LOLY(Guanzhou) Co., LTD

Office:No.3, Fuling Road, TangMei Industrial Park, XinTang Town, Guangzhou City, China

Factory:No.3, Fuling Road, TangMei Industrial Park, XinTang Town, Guangzhou City, China

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二、Corporate culture:
Enterprise vision: to become the industry experts by trust and of industry
Enterprise mission: to service more customers with better products
Corporate values: with time, innovation, service customers, create value
Enterprise spirit: sticking create brilliant team collaboration to develop
Corporate responsibility: to create value for customers, for employees to build success in life stage, to make due contribution to society
Enterprise culture: listen, smile, praise and thanksgiving
Operation standard for business enterprises: ensure to complete the task
三、The history of Loly:
In June, we registered Shenghui(Guangzhou) (Predecessor of LOLY), and start to resell Korea brand DGI cutting plotter and COLORSTAR 160 solvent printer. LOLY is the first into the solvent print market in south China.
  Resell 1.6m and 3.2m COLORSTAR160 solvent printer with 4 pcs XAAR 128 printhead. And export the first printer to Iran.This is the first machine for oversea market.
Expand selling COLORSTAR solvent printer, and start to export solvent printer to Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Turkey, Yemen and the Middle East countries and also Mexico, Ecuador and other South America countries and regions. In the same year the company changed its name to LOLY(Guanzhou) Co., LTD
  Launch 3.2 m super width printer with 8/12/16pcs XAAR128 printheads printer. In the same year,do the agent of large format printer of Shanghai YASELAN, the model is YSL-D3500IIIS with 24pcs UK XAAR 128 printheads.
  In May,we created and registered TAIMES brand. And fistly launched TAIMES160 inkjet printer and sold OEM TAIMES printer in the market. Then we have TAIMES 3208 solvent printer.
  In February, we attended the India show and launched more stable TAIMES VVJET3312S printer with XAAR128/200DPI and 128/360DPI, from then we confirmed high quality of TAIMES machines .
Officially launched TAIMES 33 series with XAAR130/600 dpi printghead, and also with high speed, accuracy, and good price for start a new future.
Launch TAIMES 3204D,3204S and 3208S with seiko SPT255,PT510printheads. It's a new era of high precision.
  Launch TAIMES 3208SN with dislocation arrangement of 8pcs SPT510 printheads. The speed could reach 100 square meters per hour.
Launch TAIMES 3204NC with SPT 1020 printheads, which speed can reach more than 100 square meters per hour. In Decemer,cooperation with Shanghai FY UNION, we lauch 2508UV flat-bed printer,expanding environmental printing in advertising logo, decoration, home appliance, furniture, cabinets, image making and other industries.
It had been 10 years since LOLY established,after full experience of service and market, LOLY began to builid our own factory in June.TAIMES T5 series medium and high quality digital printer come out, which model represents a new starting point and basis points of the development of Chinese painting machine, leading market from sales to high quality service.
  TAIMES is now providing high quality machine and excellent after-sales service, to create wealth and success for you! In December we moved to new office 7F,Building A4-02,International Creative Valley, Science City of 500 square meters, that mean we have a new start and the future.
  We launched TAIMES T7 solvent printer in Guangzhou fair in February,which with higher speed and quality. And we also finished testing TAIMES printers with 8 or 12 KM512 printheads. Now we are testing 4 or 8pcs KM1024 printheads.
     In April we reached a strategic cooperation relations with Japanese Konica (Konica Minolta),to further enhance our TAIMES service and sales network in the global market,.and gradually set up professional strong global service and sales market.TAIMES will launch a series new print machine T9, T11... to be continued.....
  In February,we launch TAIMES BULEX100 ultra-high-speed printing machine, using 16pcs latest Japanese konica KM1024-42 pl printheads. The actual print production: 320 square meters per hour; Then we launch TAIMES T8, high-speed printing machine adopts full aluminium body structure and Japan panasonic motor,extra-wide guide rail, the actual print production: 160 square meters per hour;TAIMES T7 and T5 have been passed many times improvement. We create stable precision printing machine.
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  In past eleven years, full experience show that quality and service is very important for a company. We also firmly believe that quality service is the best guarantee for LOLY to sustainable development!
  Service tenet:
  Pour my all, to the best of my ability, wholeheartedly users, integrity world
  Service concept: Machines in your hand, the service is in my heart. Said to will do, do it will be best.
  Service center is the roots of the plant, dealer's comrade-in-arms, considerate person of end user.
  Each service, began in the initiative, in a sincere, finally satisfied
LOLY technical service team 7 x24 hours service for you
You can get effective solution by the following methods:
1、Telephone support (7 * 24-hour telephone technical support)
  Service operator: 020-82882917
Machine Model Engineer Tel/Mob Online Email
Company service center Mr Luo 020-82882917 QQ:284388612
TAIMES printer Mr Luo 13556037682 QQ:284388612

2、Online services
  You can get the related software and operation manual through our official website Also can enjoy the customer online service, enterprise QQ: 179557112
3、E-mail support
  You can send your questions to the following email to get the service we provide.   TAIMES KONICA PRINTER
4、Technical personnel door-to-door on-site technical services.
5、Service principles:
  First responsible system: don't ask for responsibility, first of all services;
  First asking responsibility system: who is the principle, who fall solid;
  Maintenance responsibility system: who services, who trace. Real after-sales service not only to repair the machine,
  But to preserve the user's mood and mind,
  let us use deeper and more colorful service to
  let users at ease and moved!
6、Service commitments
  1.) Print samples free for customers before sale,and explain the equipment   performance and parameters
  2.) Assist the customer to determine the best system configuration and provide the best investment programs.
  3.) Provide the layout proposal for each system to ensure smooth installation in place.
  4.) Arrange equipment operators to come LOLY professionally training center for hardware and software training.
  5.) Supply the on-site equipment installation, adjustment, training, free of charge.
  6.) Provide for the customer to guide practical production training, to help customers solve technique problem, realize the goal of production profit. 7.) Provide one year free warranty, life-long maintenance. Door to door service is available in maintenance work.
  8.) Provide instant answers to general questions, difficult question to be answered within 24 hours
  9.) Provide high price/performance ratio solutions of consumables and spare parts for clients, ensure customer's products competitiveness.
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