T8 Solvent Ink Printer

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1. Excellent mechanical T shape frame structure, main bottom frame was wholly

milled by German imported 6 meter planer type milling machine, which error is

only less than 0.05mm.

T5Tshape 2 

2. Feeding up gear protective cover, which protect the operator or engineer from the risk of hurt.


 T5feeding 5

 Media feeding system of TAIMES T Series machines is able to fulfill different demand

of different material for customers


       T5 feeding6T5feeding7T5feeding8

1.For normal flex banner  2. For super weight flex banner  3. For self adhesive vinyl


4.Multiple 3 phases constant heating system promotes ink absorption of material, which makes printing clearer, dry faster and image stay for longer.

 temperature controller heating


5. Adopt the TAIWAN HIWIN rail; make sure the long use in printing and head carrier moves steadily and quietly. The German IGUS chain has been certified with its quality.



6. TAIMES Printer with Konica Minolta 512/1024/512I.

 T5 printhead11

TAIMES printer use BYHX system which certified and strongly recommended by Konica Minolta


T5 specification2


From sale-business to manufacture, TAIMES service team gradually accumulates the experience for decades. Nearly 15 years Oversea service experience, whether in China or oversea market,TAIMES team can rapidly response to clients and solve the problem immediately. Products are carrier of making profit. High-quality product is the powerful guarantee of profit and the basic of manufacturer. LOLY company has enough confident in supplying the high-quality and stable inkjet printer.

factory and officesheet and mechannical3       
 Well experienced service team

From selling, servicing to now even self-producing, TAIMES service team accumulated experience constantly in more than 14 years’ sharpen. Nowadays, TAIMES team can provide speed and superior service at home and abroad.


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